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Oh dear!

2010-08-24 19:11:13 by peachyeyes

Long time no post! Sorry for not being very updated but I've been busy busy! I got into university the other day and im pretty chuffed. Uhhh, what else to saaay.
Hope everyone is having a good summer :)

Soph x

Oh dear!

Tampon times.

2010-02-06 06:47:34 by peachyeyes

New cartoon with my voice in, thats all i did.

Confession of a tampon, but my voice might grate your ears, or whatever.

Lukegreencubeco is an amazing animater :D


2009-07-26 07:22:51 by peachyeyes

hiiii ;)


2009-02-08 06:16:56 by peachyeyes

guess who got flash?
now i just got to keep using it so i can get the hang of it , and hopefully make some animations. :)
wish me luck haha.



2008-11-19 14:56:34 by peachyeyes

I should be getting flash soon. (: